The nature of man

QUESTION: Masters, I have been told by another channeled entity that I have had several past lives as a soldier and involved in warlike situations. Why are humans so destructive? If we are choosing to learn lessons about ourselves and about the physical plane, why are these lessons so harsh and painful? Are there other beings or species in other parts of the universe who experience harmony and relative peace? ~Francois, Canada

ANSWER: If you have read our Reincarnation Handbook: Journey of the Soul, a free download from our website, you will have knowledge of the journey that all souls on Earth come to experience. The trip is all about learning lessons about the soul and its abilities if you allow yourself to take responsibility for the journey.

Your soul is composed of unconditionally loving energy that was broken off from Source and is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-magnificent. You can do anything you desire if you choose to accept these facts. Earth is the classroom that was created to provide a dualistic arena in which to learn anything. You have to choose whether you want to be controlled by the judgmental ego or be observant in unconditional love. Do you want negative energy that gives you power, or positive energy that appears to let you get pushed around?

The deck is kind of stacked against you as you enter life, because you enter the body with amnesia as to your true nature. Earth society is built on judgment, a place where people determine their  “value” by how they compare to everyone else. Part of deciding this status is who controls whom and who is physically stronger than whom. Contests arise to prove “worth”—sometimes called survival of the fittest. The lessons are harsh and painful because you need something to get your attention. If everything were comfortable, you would have no desire to struggle to understand what you can do to change the way life works for you.

This is the only place where negativity exists. Other planets and locations have various reasons for their existence, such as studying energy in music and art forms, learning how to physically develop whatever one’s body/shell is, imagining new ways in which Earth society might develop, etc. Some discuss the Earth’s great literature, psychological effects on the human body, or why some souls just never seem to be able to understand and work through their life lessons.