Bodily changes

QUESTION: Masters, recently I have noticed that often when I am moving about, my joints “pop” as though there is too much space between them. Also, I am losing a lot of hair, and have been very tired. I feel that I’ve been going through some sort of initiation or spiritual attunement, and that the physical symptoms are a side-effect of energetic changes. Could you please explain this phenomenon to me and to others who may be experiencing similar effects?

(Disclaimer: The Masters offer spiritual advice and do not diagnose, prescribe therapies, nor treat human illnesses. Readers are advised to discuss their issues with a licensed medical practitioner. The following comments may give clues to the content of that discussion.)

ANSWER: We will first comment in general terms. When a soul, contained in a physical body, goes through major shifts, getting rid of physical, psychological, and emotional garbage during the enlightenment or growth phase of the soul’s journey, the physical body is subjected to vibrational changes. This impact may generate just about any kind of usual or unusual effect upon the body. Sleeplessness, tiredness, an itching sensation, muscular aches and pains are just the tip of the iceberg. These shiftings last only until the body stabilizes into its new structure and becomes accustomed to the new vibration.

Occasionally these changes also have an impact upon the endocrine and chemical balance within the body. This may manifest symptoms affecting hair, fluid balance, and energy levels. This however is not the situation in your case.

You have gone through some attunements raising your vibrational level, and they have affected the fluid levels in your joints. Fluids are constantly being replenished within the joint spaces. Also, as a person ages, or if there has been stretching of the muscles and tendons holding the joint together, air is injected into the space. The air makes a sound as the joint is flexed. This is sometimes heard as a pop. Your body is out of balance and fluid is not being regenerated so the air space remains. Your mineral balance is not in sync and this further aggravates the condition. You need to consume more fluids, particularly water and some energy or electrolyte drinks.

Further, the condition with your lethargy and hair falling out is the result of heavy metals in your system. Some have entered your system through dental work, the consumption of contaminated fish products, drinking hot liquids from mugs made from clay containing metallic elements, and from your environment. You need to flush the metal out of your system, have any old metallic fillings replaced, and carefully monitor what you eat and the pollution from factories that are near where you live and work. All of these conditions are reversible.