Vaccinations today

QUESTION: Dear Masters, I am having trouble deciding whether it is important to vaccinate my son against childhood diseases. There is a lot of pressure to do this in order to protect him, and to protect others who may also be vulnerable-with the goal of eventually eradicating such diseases. However, my gut feeling is that perhaps this is doing him more harm than good-that maybe other diseases will take the place of the ones we eradicate, and that, in fact, we should trust our children’s innate ability to heal and to fight such diseases should they contract them. Is it the case that if they contract a disease in a very harmful way, this was something they/we may have chosen as a learning experience?

(Disclaimer: The Masters offer spiritual advice and do not diagnose, prescribe therapies, nor treat human illnesses. Readers are advised to discuss their issues with a licensed medical practitioner. Toni and Peter)

ANSWER: You chose to be in a world that revolves around fear. People see a conspiracy, a bogeyman behind every tree, and a threat in every stranger they pass. Viruses and bacteria have existed since the planet began to have life. When human beings came along some microorganisms chose them as hosts. Modern medicine has eradicated thousands of these parasitic organisms, but they are resilient and many have mutated. A struggle to be the fittest is standard protocol.

There is a potential for reaction when you introduce into a body the live or dead remnants of a virulent disease. If the body does not react to the substance itself it can react to the carrier solution, a contaminant contained therein, or something introduced accidentally along the way during the administration of the injection.

Where does the soul fit into all of this? The soul chooses what experiences it wants to have in any lifetime. For example, some souls wished to witness the black plague, but not as participants, so they stood in the midst of the devastation unscathed.

As of this time, your son has not chosen to experience any communicable disease of a devastating nature. We say “as of this time,” because he has chosen his desired lessons but not the exact factors enabling their completion.

Considering all of this, you must also consider the belief systems of people in your current society. If, to partake of the benefits available from them, you must comply with their fear-based requirements (e.g., vaccinations), your choice is to withdraw from the benefits they can provide or to comply with their demands.

You are correct in your statement that your son holds the keys to his own experiences. Vaccination or not, he will go through what he must for his learning.