Are we Polish different?

QUESTION: Masters, I lived for 5 years abroad. Originally I am from Poland. When I went living abroad I opened my mind and ears, and realized that we’re not that much liked almost anywhere in the world. It is not only with Polish people, but I think we are laughed at and disrespected almost the most. I was just wondering is it because, as per my observation, we don’t like each other as Polish people? Or is it because we are in general a poor country? And why does it make me feel worse to be Polish abroad? ~Malgorzata, Poland

ANSWER: All of the experiences you have faced are shared by nationalities when they venture into the land of another. No one likes the idea of “foreigners” coming into their backyard and taking their jobs, their opportunities, and their benefits, to which they claim a right. When you travel somewhere, you are not totally familiar with the customs, colloquialisms, and native language. This allows the natives to make fun of your mistakes, misunderstandings, and misadventures. It is done to all travelers, not just the Polish.

The way you have observed and interpreted all of this is filtered through how you feel about yourself. When you are raised with low self-esteem, a common occurrence in poor countries, you have a deeper sense of being less than others and readily submit to their criticism. You can be affected by what you believe others are saying and thinking only if you give them the power to decide those issues concerning your life.

If you have true love for yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone says about you because you know you are a fantastic soul. No one can ever hurt you with words unless you accept in your heart that the hurtful things they say are true. Each soul creates its own reality—its own belief system outlining its desired characteristics. If you find someone who does not believe what you know about yourself, do not allow that person to gain entrance to your reality or life. Observe what is said and believed, and then, just like something you read that doesn’t make sense to you, delete all reference to it from your memory. Restore your own feelings as the default setting. Take control of your own life.