Body changes, image, and hormones

QUESTION: Masters, my wife has had a tough time with work for years; her face has never seemed to fit and her co-workers are mean to her. She’s had gastric problems since having our 1st child and has had a lot of sick leave. She is pregnant again and has had more sick leave. She feels like she is being picked on in an effort to make her leave and can’t face going back to work. She feels she is being victimized but doesn’t know whether to just leave or take the matter further. She is very stressed and crying a lot. I’m worried about the effect of this on her and our unborn child. Can you offer any advice on how to handle this situation? ~Phil, Wales

ANSWER: Your wife chose an intertwined series of life lessons. To accomplish all the elements she wished to deal with during her life, she has her physical appearance, physiological changes due to stress upon her body, psychological self-image issues, and the complication of hormonal changes due to pregnancies.

Hormonal changes that arise with the fetus have a large impact on your wife’s emotions, making her extremely sensitive to others. When she picks up on a negative vibe, her fear intensifies it; then her detractors sense her distress and go after it, causing more fear. It becomes a vicious circle. Have your wife learn to defuse fear with thoughts of the love she has for you and the children.

Humans are sensitive to the energy emitted by others. If people feel weak, victimized, or unworthy of respect, their work mates can be like sharks and see them as prey to be harried—or worse, eaten. Have her change her negative feelings   into a positive loving energy, and the workers will start to mimic that.

The gastric distress is the result of internal pressures from stretching during the first pregnancy. Exercise to reposition the intestines and stomach, and energy healing to help the organs and nerve-flow back into position, will relieve this problem. But wait until after the new baby arrives. Total relaxation will also be needed to accomplish this realignment.

Work with your wife on her self-image issues. She is first and foremost a beautiful soul. The body she chose was intended to allow her to learn that the outer shell is nothing more than a covering for the magnificent essence inside. One lesson she programmed was deciding whether to put her energy for living into the outside or the inside.