Sleeping walking

QUESTION: Masters, I used to sleep walk as a child. I was wondering what is happening with our consciousness and body when we sleep walk? Is there some astral traveling going on or another entity using the body? ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: In more than 99% of sleep walking, the body is taking instructions from the conscious mind, which is assuming it is still awake and in total control of its body. In other words, you are acting out the dream sequences that your mind is mulling over. It does not occur as you see it in your cinema, with the body holding its arms straight out and walking like a zombie. Rather, the body is slowly pursuing some normal activity that the consciousness would direct were it aware of its surroundings. Your occurrences were such as these.

In astral traveling, part of the soul leaves the body behind and travels away from the physical. It goes places and in ways that the body cannot. The body remains in a sleep state and awaits the return of the soul’s awareness.

In fewer than 1% of instances, a discarnate—a soul that has left its own body but not returned home—may enter into another’s body and make it move around. In this case, the owner of the body would, on waking, be aware of a second occupant. Such a discarnate would not be a very powerful one; it would be able to take control of the body only when the original soul had gone into a sleep cycle.