Is there such a thing as manifestation?

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if we can ask for anything through manifestation? Or, are the things we want and need here decided up front, and therefore the things we ask for in manifestation are needless because the things will come into our experience when we need them? ~Anne Kathrine, Norway

ANSWER: The process of manifestation is not going to the counter at the universal supply store and asking for what you want. Manifestation is changing a pattern. Take the way you have always looked at things, limited yourself, and thought negatively, and then change the way you program your thoughts, actions, and interactions so that you orient your path in a positive direction to complete your life’s tasks.

Your first restriction to getting everything you want is your choice of life lessons to experience while on Earth. The exact way to learn those lessons was not decided, so manifestation may help uncover what you need. If you chose to lead a life of poverty, no amount of manifestation will produce wealth unless you first learn all the aspects of poverty. Using manifestation to increase your awareness of your situation may help your understanding.

While you do have the situations you need to experience presented to you, all the answers are not provided unless you look and see. You are correct that the universe provides opportunities for you to fulfill your life, but they may come directly or circuitously. Manifestation can help bring you the most effective solution without your having to search through all the possibilities that are out there.

When you have manifested yourself as an individual who thinks and acts positively, all the negativity that confuses life is blown away and you can get down to the work of enlightenment. You can do this without manifestation, but you will have to dig through the garbage dump of Earth negativity to find any positive energy.