Change of advice

Masters, I am troubled because I sought your counsel three years ago about my son’s picky eating habits. You advised that it was not a matter of concern because he was “strong as a bull” and able to “get his nutrition from the prana in the air”.  Several months ago, in another reading, you advised that his eating was now a matter for concern because he was now being stubborn and if he didn’t change his habits he could suffer serious consequences. Why was there such a change in advice?

We understand your concern. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate that the same situation may have a different meaning at another time. Whenever we are asked a question we give you an indication of how the energy is flowing around the situation at that exact moment. If there is a change in any circumstance affecting that energy pattern, the interpretation of the same energy signature will change.

Your son is an older soul who has chosen very complex lessons for this lifetime. In the first years of his life nothing of the physical had much of an impact upon his body. He was able to sustain himself with the very energy contained in the air (prana). As he has gotten older he has become more physical and therefore more subject to the effects of the physical implications of the bodily process. He can no longer live solely on prana.

What has also happened as he has grown and matured is his ability to read the anxiety of others. He is living somewhat on the fear expelled by those around him. He has found the power that his actions can have upon his parents and has found ways to use that to control the immediate situation. He loves the attention that he gets by not being normal. He is a very strong-willed individual and thinks he can outlast everyone else. It has become a mind game with him.

You are taking all the right steps to let him know that you love and care about him. It is important that you set limits for his behavior and do not reward misbehavior. He is having a negative effect upon the rest of the family now and it is important that you decide how far you will let it go. Nothing is right or wrong. You are all experiencing lessons which you chose.