The soul’s search for knowledge

Masters, you have said in your teaching concerning wealth that knowledge is the soul’s wealth and earthly goods are the ego’s wealth. I find that extremely interesting. In my quest for knowledge, I’m just wondering, why does the soul get such a kick out of knowledge? Is knowledge an end in itself or just a means to an end?

Your question originated in our teachings on the wealth aspect of prosperity. For human beings to experience lessons, of necessity many deal with the lack of, search for, or use of earthly possessions. The result of each Earth lesson undertaken by the soul is knowledge, with which the soul evaluates what has occurred. The ego, however, is judgmental: e.g., who is right? who has the most goods? who is the best? how do I become the best?

The wealth of the soul is the knowledge of the process involved in each Earth lesson and the feelings gained from the experience. Knowledge is the soul’s reason for learning Earth lessons in order to complete its Earth journey.

The soul takes information Home in the form of knowledge and delves into it for the wisdom it can learn from that knowledge. To turn knowledge into wisdom the soul first has to participate in the activity. In this participation, the soul has to understand the nature of its actions and the resulting reactions. Wisdom comes when the soul is able to apply the principles learned to every other situation of a like kind, whenever and wherever it arises, from that moment forward. When all this is complete, the knowledge has become the end the soul sought from the first idea it had to pursue that particular lesson.

The soul’s “kick” in obtaining knowledge is the completion of the purpose for an incarnation. Depending on your point of view, it is both a means and an end. We trust this answer has contributed to your knowledge and formed the foundation for more wisdom.