New Year’s Resolutions

Masters, I know that human celebrations may seem a little artificial to you, being outside of planet Earth’s time zone. But the dawn of the calendar year, for us, is a time when we human beings like to make lists of “good resolutions.” We usually aim at things like losing weight, stopping smoking, and speaking nicely to our mother-in-law. If you were to make a list of good resolutions for humankind, what would it contain?

This question really started an interesting discussion among us. Our first point of interest was what we would consider a “good” resolution-you do know that we do not judge good, bad, or best. But then we laid semantics aside and dived into the issue. Our point of view was from a rather different perspective than yours might be: we looked from the angle of souls wishing to complete their mission to Earth. With that in mind, our list would read:

1.       To become aware of our true nature.

2.       To love all souls sharing this journey with us even when we do not like the nature of their chosen lessons.

3.       To accept ourselves fully as we are because it is necessary for the path we walk.

4.       To learn to banish all fear so we might see the lesson within.

5.       To understand the lessons we came to Earth to learn.

6.       To trust in the Universe knowing it will not give us more than we can endure.

7.       To have faith in our self because we are divine.

8.       To know we create our own reality so we have the power to create what we need to complete our journey.

9.       To be able to release the human ego to enjoy fully the unconditional love of the soul.

10.   To live each day in communion with our fellow souls in unconditional love.

Happy Earth New Year to all!