Alien intervention

QUESTION: Masters, this question may sound silly but I read David Ickes and his theories about the top rich families controlling the world and being allies with the reptilians. Do the shape-shifting people, Nordic aliens, annunaki reptilians with a hidden agenda to turn us into slaves really exist? I find it hard to believe but top rich families and their allies seem to ruin us and the earth with their selfish greed. ~Tania, Scotland

ANSWER: Your planet is a balance of negative and positive energy. Some people like to use the negativity to incite listeners to entertain their pet theories. It is a fact that there are several groups that deal in currencies, and they feel that the more they can control, the better. It is not part of a conspiracy to wreck any existing democracy but, to them, simply business as usual. The purpose of all businesses is to make money and control how it is made and anything that might interfere with its progress. This is what you blindly equate with greed.

You can assign malicious intents to anyone in power, from local politicians to any head of industry, because any action they take influences the lives of many people. Is your boss, employer, mayor a bad person just because they can make you do things in exchange for their protection and your pay check? To buy into the “world conspiracy theory” is to feel that everyone who has any power is evil. This is easily accepted by the common man who feels he has no power and wants to blame someone for his lack. All souls chose the life they are leading.

There are aliens that are monitoring the Earth and, in some cases, are living on the planet to have a first-row seat for the big show. A very few have infiltrated the power positions on the planet, but they did it for their own satisfaction, not as part of a galactic plan.

Most of the world’s problems are caused by power-hungry dictators seizing countries that have massive amounts of natural resources, which they have used as bargaining chips to make others dance to their tunes. Before this current trend, it was a series of war-mongering peoples who invaded neighboring countries to seize their assets.

What has been the world’s response after wars? Why, you step right in and help the once-aggressors, now defeated, get back on their feet by pouring in billions of your own money. You are your own worst enemy setting yourself up for a downfall and falling into the hands of the power players by making yourself vulnerable.

Prior to World War II, the United States sold Japan most of the metals, oil, and materials that it later converted into war machines to invade China and then carry its campaign into the Pacific. While President Roosevelt thought the trade was a bad idea, he felt obligated to adhere to trade agreements. There is nothing quite like giving your enemy the means to attack and kill you. Everything happening on your planet has many layers and is not as simple as some would have you believe.