QUESTION: Masters, is he my twin fame or just a fluke? I saw him on stage in 2007. Through his performance he would not take his eyes off me. After the show he walked into the room I was in. We both began to blush and I was beaming with intense energy. He wanted me to come and spend time, but the energy scared me, I never felt like that before. Now I feel him and think of him every day. The last time he was in town I was on my way to his show and out of nowhere I felt such a surge of energy so strong that I got sick to my stomach. I heard a song and it made me think of him, just to find it on his Facebook. I also dream of him all the time where he tells me he loves me and we must be united. Help! ~Angelina, US

ANSWER: He is not your twin flame. He has enchanted you as he does many others. His desire is to possess and control as many women as he can. The intensity of his energy is due to the fact that part of it is negative. He uses this aspect of himself to create a longing to have sex with him. It feels compelling, exciting, and at the same time dangerous. This goes along with the beat of the music, which is mesmerizing. Like a siren song, it is hard to deny.

He has gotten into your head—that is why you dream of him constantly. You are a conquest for him and he is setting you up. He will use you and then discard you. He created a link by staring at you and attaching some of his negative energy to you, also called an attachment. This reinforced the thoughts he was able to convey of wanting you. He used the word “love” as a lure. His only love is the love of conquest.

You are a basically positive person. The cause of your stomach ailment was getting too near to all his negative energy. You were sensitized to his effect by the attachment you carry and his presence amped up the power. You have freedom of choice to go forward with his planned triumph, or you can accept it for what it is and back off. If you choose to refrain from seeing him, go to an energy healer who can help you remove his sticky negativity.