Family dilemma

QUESTION: Masters, I am very concerned: I have 2 grandchildren, their mom has passed on, he remarried. The step-mother is very unfair with them, my son allows this. They ask for help, but without confronting my son and his current wife it is difficult and would just make matters worse for the children if we do. I am afraid they might feel we have forsaken them if we don’t. Please Help! ~Angel, Republic of South Africa

ANSWER: You are in a problematic position between conflicting life lessons chosen by your son and his current wife and your grandchildren. Your son is still mourning his children’s mother and has difficulties supporting them against his new wife, who fears he loves them more than he does her. He needs this woman because he would be totally lost in trying to raise the children without her.

The step-mother has a very caustic tongue and causes more psychological damage than physical to the children. The children are also still mourning their mother, who was very caring and nurturing to them. They didn’t have to make any of their own decisions. She always stepped in and took responsibility for their problems. They are now in the position of having to consider the consequences of their actions. They are looking for someone to come in and make them carefree again.

Their lesson is one of going from being babied into a swift transition into adulthood and independence. They are crying out for someone to rescue them so they don’t have to assume this responsibility now. If you jump into the middle of this, you could very well split the whole family apart. It is a matter of freedom of choice. Remember, each soul chooses the situations it wants to experience here on Earth.

In the children’s desire to have their nurturing life return, they are looking in all directions. They have some experience in manipulation and are reaching out with it to make the entire situation look much worse than it actually is. Monitor what goes on and how conditions change before you step into the middle of this learning experience.