Activities of twin flames

QUESTION: Masters, do twin flames separately exist at only certain stages of one’s soul evolution until enlightenment? Are sets of twins periodically merged at a spiritual level of being along the human journey, and when? Do twin flames always develop along polar personality/ego structures, while sharing a deeper essence? Can a twin flame exist as a walk-in to help one ascend, only to face rejection from the human host after the spiritual work is done? And lastly, have I ever met my twin incarnate and who was/is it? ~N., USA

ANSWER: Twin flames, after separation from Source, stay together for only a short time before they start their separate and individual life-lesson-filled journeys. There is no guarantee that they will even meet during a human incarnation unless it is pre-planned for one or both of them to learn a particular lesson. In most physical cycles twin flames do not meet.

The way a soul develops is a freedom of choice decision. There is no structure to the manner in which an enlightenment or a discovering of awareness occurs. One twin is not held back if the other is having difficulty with a particular lesson and must repeat it numerous times. They may choose opposite, parallel, or the same methods for learning; there is no absolute and only way. All souls have the essence of unconditional love.

The action of becoming a walk-in occurs when one soul has made the decision to return home, at which time his body would die. Another soul may ask for permission to use that body—or walk in—so that it skips all the maturing a body usually needs. Once the original soul vacates the body it never returns to that same body. It is going home for a reason and goes on with its business, completely forgetting about the body it left behind. Two active souls do not have control of and share a single body. Walk-ins enter a body to finish their own work, not to be available to help someone else.

You have not, in this lifetime, met your twin, who is not currently in body form.