Questions about the unseen

QUESTION: Masters, what would happen if I, my soul, abandon my body? Would it still be alive maintaining itself until its organs shut down? I’d like to understand what is a “higher self”? I know there is me because I am aware that I am. But then “having” higher me? Which is unconscious? I want to know also how can energy contain consciousness and why is there unconsciousness? I always felt a desire to understand what is the use of having the universe sooo huge and vast without being able to utilize it and live or experience it in any form? I’d like to greet my loving souls who are accompanying me in this journey and tell them I am grateful for their support. I do feel them all the time. ~Zeljka, Croatia

ANSWER: A human body cannot exist without a soul; it ceases to function all at once, not a gradual shutting down process.

You say you are aware of you, but are you when you are asleep? What most people call a higher self is the part of the soul that can make itself go from thoughts you are not aware of (unconsciousness) to retrieving those thoughts—as well as actions you have performed that you have forgotten about—and bringing them to the surface (consciousness), so that they become a part of your awareness and you can use them.

Everything that exists, both what you call physical and non-physical, is composed of energy. It is the driving life force. A thought is just energy until it is conveyed to another. Radio signals remain an energy stream floating in the air until someone turns on a receiver that can pick them up.

Your planet is vaster than you will ever need, but someone else uses it. The universe is tremendous by your measure but it is also being put to good use. There are hundreds of forms in addition to the human body.

Your guides are around you and know you can sense them. All you need do is open up the channels of communication. Ask them a question and you will be given an answer—though maybe not immediately and maybe not how you anticipate it should be. Be observant and patient.