Twin flame endangers life lessons

QUESTION: Masters, many years ago I met a man named Robert. We had an instant body, mind, heart, and soul connection. We communicated through telepathy. It was like I was being reunited with a long-lost best friend. I forgot who I was, where I was, time stood still. When we parted, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, it felt like my heart, my being, was being ripped in two. I phoned him and I felt like my energy was expanding from my heart and body towards him. I promised him we would cross paths and never did. I was married at the time, I never knew if he was but sensed that any passion expressed would come at a high price. Even so, I felt so much he was my soul mate and destined to be in my life. Hanging up the phone took all the strength in me. This memory has come back to me and even after all these years, the thought of him pulls my heart and stirs my spirit. What was this all about? What were and are the lessons of this? Will I ever cross paths with him again? Is this about me not feeling a connection now in my life? ~Shelly, USA

ANSWER: Robert was not only a soul mate but your twin flame. That intensity which you experienced is the bond which exists between twins. Just as you are aware now that the time with him made the rest of your existence irrelevant, had you stayed with him, all the lessons you were in the middle of would have ceased to have your attention. Your family would have been forgotten, your connections to others unimportant, and your lessons left unfinished. What would that have meant? Everything you did up to the time of meeting him would have been for naught.

You two had not planned on getting together in this lifetime. You had each made independent contracts and life plans. Had you two dropped everything to be together, it would be the same as if you dropped out of this life. You both would have had to repeat this lifetime with all the lessons you worked so hard to understand up to that point in time. Earthly feelings and lessons are completely overshadowed by the sensation of unconditional love. It sounds great, but you can have it when you are both at Home without messing up your work.

You knew that the price to stay with him came at too high a cost. He instinctively knew he had his own lessons to complete. While you did not plan to be together in this life, it might happen if both of you finish up your tasks—neither of you has as of yet. You remember this all now so you may evaluate your current situation against an example of exercising your freedom of choice to accept the best way to move forward. It is another place in your journey to make choices.