What’s the lesson in our lessons?

QUESTION: Masters, can you please give some examples of what “lessons” are to be learned from poverty, cancer (where succumbing is intended), being attacked, loss of limbs, mental disability, earthquakes? They don’t have obvious lessons, but seem to be something the soul just wants to experience. I understand that a soul may want to experience what it feels like to die from cancer, but what is to be learned? Or is simply experiencing the point? Also, if my soul has decided that I will die from cancer, then while on Earth I have no choice in the matter and can’t avoid it, even with positive thinkingcorrect? It does make us seem like uninvolved game pieces in a game played by non-physical souls. I know we are our souls, but that’s cold comfort when you’re down here. Can we and how do we change our reality/create our reality? Using Abraham’s principles? ~Tanudja, Australia

ANSWER: “Obvious” is a matter of perception. You have to be within the affected persons/souls to experience what they are feeling. We can intellectually know what others know but we can never have a sense of their inner feelings and what they are learning from their life situations.

In the “events” you have mentioned above there are hundreds of scenarios that evolve from each root cause. Let’s say you’re in an earthquake. You may lose your physical life, and the actions in and around the transitions out of your body may test your acceptance of self, your fears, your doubts, and your knowledge. It may be peaceful, fearful, rapid, or agonizingly slow. You may return Home immediately, create a way-station for yourself, or decide to stick around as a discarnate to complete a task or to seek revenge for a perceived wrong.

The lesson may involve being a survivor with a fistful of guilt, should-haves, and would-haves that create a hell for you until you can work through the emotional lessons. Your job may involve helping survivors to heal mentally and physically. Or possibly you may need to experience abandonment by all your loved ones. As you can see, nothing is definite or simple, and one person may experience several of your examples in one life on Earth.

The soul does have freedom of choice in the way it lives its life. It can choose to be an active participant, to learn and use the knowledge to move forward, or it can choose to be driftwood being bashed about by the surf. Abraham and others have given pathways to create the possible changes.