Can’t stick with a decision

QUESTION: Masters, I often contradict myself and contradict my decision made even though I decided to do something. I feel that I will lose my integrity and nobody believes me anymore. Am I on the right path? What should I do next? ~June, Singapore

ANSWER: When was the last time you found yourself totally without fear? When could you truthfully admit you had faith in yourself and your decisions? When was the last time you listened to and trusted your intuition? Did you ever feel you knew who you were? Your vacillation back and forth results from not feeling you should take responsibility for your decisions.

First thing you need to do is wake up and be present in the moment. When your attention is only on what you are doing right now you do not even think about the past or the future. What this does is allow you to access your feelings and see what your inner self—your higher self—tells you is the right thing for you at that moment. Ignore what might have been right or wrong for you in the past.

If your “word,” about what you are going to do or what you think, never stays the same, people will disregard you as not being dependable. Would you trust a person whose willingness to help you keeps changing? If you don’t know what you believe, you cannot tell someone else, and you appear to be presenting different views to different people, which to most appears as if you seek to be dishonest.

Your path is to learn to know yourself and your abilities. Connect with your soul, that feeling of unconditional love within. Always ask what you feel about a situation, not what you think about it. Let your decisions come from your feelings. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the contradictory information that flows from society. Whenever there is more than one person, there are multiple ideas as to what you should do. Take responsibility for your life and the way you are going to live it—that is your path.