Is grounding a necessity?

QUESTION: Masters, for most of my life I have been feeling as if I am observing events from the outside or from above instead of being directly involved in them. It started as a child, and continues as an adult. I often feel detached, and only recently, after a “grounding” Reiki session, I started feeling as if I am fully present in my body rather than in another dimension more “real” than this place. Is this something I am supposed to experience in this life or is it an unhealthy state of being that I should work on fixing? I try to be involved, active and friendly with people but often find it difficult to completely connect to people and situations. I feel I can connect to their energies but not to their “personalities.” ~Daniel, Switzerland

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth for many reasons and to have extremely varied experiences. You were ambivalent about this lifetime so you did not commit fully to duality-based lessons. The sensations of floating are the result of, as you have stated, not being concretely grounded into the human plane. There is nothing wrong with your condition unless you want more of the physical experience—in which case you will have to get more grounded.

Grounding is a state of awareness dictated by the vibrational level of your consciousness. If you wish to share the vibration of the human body, you will be “present” in the third-dimension heaviness of each cell. When you wish to commune with non-physical spirits, or not be confined to physicality, you float in a different plane. It is possible to alternate, but that can result in confusion.

The Reiki session brought Earth and universal energy into the container that is your body. It gave you the feeling of a totally human life. If you wish to continue getting this type of input from the duality-style living, bring in the physical energies on a regular basis and they will allow you that focus.

You are able to relate to people’s energy, better than their physical characteristics, because when you are floating you are mixing with the energies that connect them to their non-physical aspects. Personalities are the Earthly representations of the soul and need the duality energy to be perceived.

Neither way of living is mandated for a soul’s journey. Learning can only take place in the grounded venue. You have the freedom to choose your location.