Wheel of rebirth

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about 2 different hypnosis regression sessions which happened 10 years apart; in one I retrieved my last past life as a man living in Europe at the beginning of 19th century. When I had a past-life regression session with a specific therapeutic theme, I found a life as the wife of one of my current life acquaintances. This life was happening in Russia at the beginning of 20th century (the proof for the date was that I saw a music sheet of Tchaikovsky on the piano in the house). How is it possible to get two different time frames without throwing doubt on the entire PLR therapy process? ~Mischa, France

ANSWER: Everything that you have ever done as a soul is recorded in your own diary called your akashic record. If you look upon this as a disc containing data, you can accept that you don’t have to play it straight through from start to finish but can use your intention to locate a particular section. It is this principle which allows a person under hypnosis to remember or visit various lives they have previously experienced for any number of reasons.

One of the problems with humans is that you are convinced all your lives are lived in a linear, numerically progressive fashion: 1800s, followed by 1900s, and then the 2000s. Time, by which you delineate these dates, exists only when you are in human form on planet Earth. Time, as a recording device, sets measurements by the rotation of the planet around your sun. When you finish one life and return home, you don’t necessarily choose to come back in a “future” time from whence you recently departed; you may choose to visit a “past” time to witness or participate in an historic event.

When you enter into one of your past lives, the precise wording used for the intention determines where you go and what you see. If you use the terminology to go to your most recent past life, you may find yourself in an Earth future time. When you ask to go to a past life that explains some problem currently confronting you, you will be taken there regardless of in what order you had lived that life. A lot of hypnotherapists direct your destination by terms such as “go to a past life,” and that can take you anywhere. People unfamiliar with PLR believe such an intention will always take you to the last human experience your soul chose.

You have spent dozens and dozens of lives on Earth. You have not lived them in Earth’s chronological order but have jumped around. When you were directed to your last experienced human life, it was in the 19th century. The life you needed to relive for your therapeutic purpose was from the 20th century—a life you lived before you lived the 19th century life. We are aware that this is very confusing to you, and a lot of people will disregard our answer out of hand. All we ask is for you to evaluate what you benefited from the sessions. If they helped you to understand yourself, a problem, or a connection to the universe, then it was exactly what you needed at that time.

The only thing that is important is how you feel about the experience. Dealing with non-physical (remembered) situations cannot be proven by physical means. This is where you have to get out of your head, and what society wants you to believe, and into your heart to accept what feels right to you. If it resonates with your being, it is something that is yours.