Souls and the beyond

QUESTION: Masters, my young son Eric left Earth in 2007 in an automobile crash. I speak with him using a crystal pendulum and letter wheel. I have done this for about a year or so. At first I had trouble with low-vibrating energies, I think because of being emotionally fragile. Recently it all seems good. Eric has said we have an agreement to work together with Wise Souls, and have done this for many lifetimes. I’d love more information about this from the Masters. ~Denise, USA

ANSWER: You and your son come from the same soul group and have worked together in a number of lifetimes, just as he has reminded you. From the past you have found that it is easier for you to work together if one of you is in human form and the other is in spirit form. You chose more extensive life lessons for this lifetime, so you were the one to remain while he returned home. One of your lessons was grief from the feeling of abandonment that his passing provided.

What you are doing is channeling his energy. It is more difficult as you begin until you learn to stabilize your own energy and not filter the incoming energies through your conscious mind. In other words, not interpreting things the way you want them to be. You have settled into a pattern of being a clear receiver without your thoughts interfering.

Your desire is to be of assistance to those who wish to awaken to the powers and abilities that they possess when in their soul form. This includes being able to communicate and receive information from their own guides on the other side. Eric will make sure the spirit guide is around when you are working with the person on this side. This lifetime is particularly for dealing with people who have lost a child, as you have, and helping them to connect.

These people will be drawn to you, but also you will find them through grief groups. This is, of course, one of those things you have total freedom of choice to pursue or to let go.