Japan today

QUESTION: Masters, events in Japan are the nearest thing to a hell I can imagine. Yet there is something a bit odd—on the TV it looks reminiscent of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the atomic bombs. Also we have the nuclear power plants exploding—and why did anyone decide to build nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone too? Then later I hear the Japanese are to ask the American government for help and it all starts to click in place for me. Has this all been pre-arranged at a soul level so the Americans may step in and help and receive absolution and/or forgiveness for the Bombs? It would clear a lot of negative energy for 2012 too? I would love to hear your thoughts. ~Rex, England

ANSWER: Whenever a land mass is wiped flat by a physical phenomenon, whether it be a tsunami, tornado, hurricane, or explosive device, the resulting devastation is the sameanything man-made is thrown around like cardboard, and buildings are demolished. Indonesia after the Christmas tsunami, Haiti after the earthquake, Galveston, Texas, after Hurricane Ikeall looked like the tsunami-scourged coast of Japan.

The entire island nation of Japan is a part of the Pacific rim of fire where 90% of the world’s volcanoes lie. Anything built anywhere in Japan is on the edge of the Pacific tectonic plate, which is a major earthquake zone, and on top of active or dormant volcanoes. With all of its factories supplying the world with materials, Japan needs a huge amount of power; their choice was to go with nuclear production of that electricity.

Japan is accepting help from specialized groups from all over the world, not just the United States. This has nothing to do with the clearing of debt. One group of souls, those involved in the bomb, do not give any negativity they started to another group, those alive today, to replace with positive energy. One country does not owe a debt to the next generation of their vanquished. We would have debts being repaid everywhere to repair where one nation has conquered another.

We agree these conditions are the nearest thing to a hell. As we have repeatedly stated, the only place hell exists is on Earth. The citizens who chose to live in Japan at this time knew what was to happen and they wished to experience this degree of devastation. The planetary movements as the world approaches 2012 are placing stresses upon the planet that are shifting the tectonic platesthat is the cause of these earthquakes and the recent events in New Zealand.

All people can help at this time by putting their intentions together to ensure that every soul be allowed to fulfill whatever its desire was in being on the planet at this time. That will increase the positive energy of the world and speed up the wishes of souls. This stabilizes the effect of any negative energies that are around.