Etheric and non-physical changes

QUESTION: Masters, I read about things like DNA changing, or products changing things on the molecular level, but there’s no science to back it up. Are there changes occurring beyond the three dimensions which are undetectable by our current science? Is gravity really a higher dimensional force? Is that why it hasn’t been unified with the other forces yet? ~Jackie, USA.

ANSWER: There are a number of things that cannot be seen, explained, or recorded in human terms because they are not physical in nature. To believe in the existence of the souland for that matter, all other energies such as usyou have to go outside the third-dimension physical parameters and enter psychic and emotional avenues. Several things are recognized by all as existing even if they fall into this realm: love, intuition, personality, and a force outside you.

DNA has only been recognized as having to do with genetic characteristics in the human body since the 1950s, yet it was contained in every human species from the beginning of time on planet Earth. In the physical and non-physical dimensions of a human body, there are 12 strands of DNA material that carry information and determine characteristics of the human and the soul. Some scientists have recently suggested that they have seen one or possibly two of these additional strands.

Everything in your universe is composed of energy, and energy is everything. Therefore it takes energy to change something into something else. Geneticists have proven they can influence DNA by introducing a new factor into the mixture. They are experimenting with determining sex and physical characteristics, and with cloning an entire being. Many toxic substances interfere with DNA and other processes in the body and create mutations. Remember all the three-legged frogs found over the last several years?

As a soul goes through its journey on Earth it doesn’t need all its gathered wisdom at first, so some of the DNA strands are closed off. As awareness of self increases, the soul can use prior knowledge, and access to the DNA provides a link. Not all of this takes place in the third dimension. It is impossible for your scientists to observe a non-physical action with their instrumentation.

Gravity is a physical thing. It is the attraction between two physical masses. Since physical masses exist only in the third dimension, it is a third-dimensional phenomenon. It is measured by time/space standards, so it has variables that must be considered. But for the soul, it exists only when you choose to be physical.