Supplement needs

Question: Masters, would you please comment on the use of Vitamin, Mineral, and Herbal supplements? At times I have been guided to take certain supplements, and they really seem to help my body. Now I find that I’m taking far too many supplements, but am not game to stop taking them, as my body does well on them. I believe that the human body basically has the capacity to heal and balance itself, regardless of what we put into it. Where should we draw the line between giving the body supplements, and letting it balance itself? It doesn’t make sense to me that we need to take “extra” things, or follow special diets. I think it should be easier and that we should just get on with life and not put so much attention on the body. Do you think I take too many things, or are they needed in my case? If I changed my belief system, would I require less supplements? ~ Maria, Australia

ANSWER: Your question speaks of a conflict raging within between what you want to believe and an acceptance, carte blanche, of what others have told you. Unless you overdose, a body will feel better with additional nutrients—and vitamins, minerals, and herbals are all nutrients. Unlike overeating, the extra consumption here does not result in a noticeable weight gain—if it did, you would not hesitate to cut back.

If a physical body is provided a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat, it does not need supplements unless it is fighting various medical conditions that can use the additional help. In that case the supplements can be like antibiotics. A body cannot balance itself if it is deprived of one or another of the needed substances.

Your belief system is what is “requiring” you to take so many supplements at this time. It would be necessary to change your thinking to change your habits. You are taking many substances you do not need and are wasting a good deal of money for no benefit.

It is unwise to totally disregard your body and just expect it to take care of itself regardless what you do. It is important to place some attention on the body and its needs because you cannot get on with life if your engine is not working or your supports won’t hold you upright.