Getting your attention

QUESTION: Masters, on May 25, 2010, I woke up with the feeling that someone had just stood up after having sat on the end of my bed. I had the same experience last summer, when it happened two nights in a row. Last night in a dream, I was lying in bed and a light appeared near the ceiling about the size of a golf ball. That’s all I saw, but the energy of that light conveyed to me that it was female, the name was Eve, and the number 88. I am never frightened. Who is sitting at the end of my bed and why? Is this a dream? Why Eve? Why 88? ~Kaye, USA

ANSWER: One of your guides is attempting to establish contact with you. When the human body regenerates itself by sleeping, the soul does not need to rest, so it occupies itself with other things. Your soul likes to go wandering and meeting and greeting both old friends and new acquaintances.

This time in your life is one of transition. More and more information is coming to you about souls and their journey through the human experience. To fully integrate all this information it is necessary to “remember” some of what you are in a non-physical state (soul form). You have been gathering this information while your body rests.

When you come back to consciousness from the sleep cycle, you are conscious of some of the last things you did before completely returning to your body. These conversations with non-physicals occasionally take place on your bed. You are awakening to the feel of their leaving you to your physicality as they return home.

The name Eve is an inside joke between you and your guide. You are as an “Eve” learning and experiencing new things—it refers back to the biblical reference as well as to being on the eve of a new adventure. Eights are also code for who you are in the physical world. Look to your email address for the connection. The remaining light was the last visible to you as your guide returned to the unconditional loving energy of home. You may also see 8’s around when they are confirming the answer to a question you are pondering.