Need for validation

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been practicing my Healing on a big scale, the scale is so big that I lost where to send it next. Even when I say my prayer, every word I say, I imagine it and mean it from my heart. Masters I just need to know if I am doing it the right way. I doubt myself and just want some reassurance so I can concentrate on my next practice with healing. I’ve been working with animals lately to heal them when they are ill and it seems to work. I’m even teaching them to heal themselves with their own healing team. To some people this might sound complicated but that is just the way I am. Am I going too fast and far Masters, I’m a bit confused about it all or is this normal the way I am and always been? ~Sylrose, England

ANSWER: Healing is accomplished on the Earth plane by a facilitator channeling universal life force energy from the cosmos and directing it toward the subject who needs to be brought back into balance. Healing has two necessary elements – the one who is channeling the energy and the one who is receiving it. The channeler can only assist to the extent that the client is willing to receive and allow a return to  “health.” The client can reject the healing or allow it for a while and then revert back to unbalanced ways.

All souls have freedom of choice. Some people are experiencing lifetimes of sickness dependency and do not want to give up their victim roles. You have chosen to help by being a healer, but whether or not a client is healed depends more on the client than on you. This is why you doubt yourself. You know that you have done everything to the best of your ability and your subjects should be healed, but sometimes they are not. Do not be vested in the outcome of your work, because you do not determine the ultimate results.

Working with animals is actually easier because most are animated by sparks of light instead of by souls, so you are not also dealing with individual life lessons. Animals want to feel their best so they take anything that is given to them, use it to feel good, and never wish to return to an unbalanced state. Training them how to heal themselves is like teaching them a new trick.

There are no rights or wrongs in the spiritual plane. You are following a passion that so many souls never find. Continue going as you are for as long as it resonates with you, but don’t expect to have validation. It should be enough for you to know that you are doing what you love while you continue to grow spiritually, and you see that some of it is productive for your fellow man and beast.