Never satisfied

QUESTION: Masters, it’s difficult to me to know which path to follow in many areas. I’ve been almost 3 years with my girlfriend, but I still wonder, if it is a right way for me or should I be with a man. Then my job situation is bothering me. I have changed my career, and I wonder if the change was right. I also would like to know will I ever find a job place, where I could be happy. It seems like in many places there are one person, who doesn’t like me and it makes me sad. I would like to be in a peaceful atmosphere. I also wonder, should I move to another city or should I stay here. Will I ever be satisfied? ~PäIvikki, Finland

ANSWER: You will never be satisfied until you truly feel you are accomplishing something. You have many talents and abilities and no one thing is “the” thing you had wanted to experience. This life is about diversity and experimentation.

As you have guessed, you desired to try a life of ambiguity so you chose bisexuality. Nothing is right or wrong from a spiritual perspective, so see what makes you feel complete. Note that being wholly honest with partners is very important to prevent difficulties.

You are very sensitive – almost too much so when you allow a single person to unbalance you by their opinion. That is giving up your power to them and assigning control over your thinking to them. You are the same as they and need to have the confidence that what you think and feel is what you wanted to experience in this life.

Stop looking to other people to decide if you are doing the right thing or even if you are enjoying yourself. It is time to take responsibility for your decisions and let them play out before you rush into anything else. Not everyone is going to look at life exactly as you do, so don’t be surprised when someone doesn’t like you, disagrees with your opinion, or is outright hostile to you.

You need to increase the amount of self-love that you possess. Accept that you have presented an interesting set of circumstances for your current journey. Congratulate yourself on how well you have done up to this point. Rejoice in your future possibilities and learn to go more with the flow of the universe. Right now, you’re stopping mid-stream to analyze how you are feeling instead of just floating along waiting for the conclusion. Make things easier on yourself by letting go.