Abortion repercussions

QUESTION: Masters, I just had an abortion. Is that soul okay with it? It’s so recent. Why this repeated in my life? What is really happening with me? What does life want to tell me with all the situations and feelings I’ve been through? Should I feel guilty about this? Was it a boy or girl? I want to give a name. Is that okay? Am I destined to be a mother? Please, help me to understand all this. ~Uy, Brazil

ANSWER: Life is telling you that you are the one who is responsible for the actions you undertake. When you engage in sexual activity with no true concern for the possibility of a pregnancy, you are endangering your potential health and terminating a fetus because you are not ready to be a mother. It is easy enough to take precautions, but you let your sexual passion be the only thing you have any thought of.

All souls have freedom of choice, even those who are just coming into your world. The fetus you aborted was just a bundle of cells to which no soul had been assigned. It was known that you would have an abortion because that is a lesson you sought to understand so that you would go through exactly what you are currently experiencing.

Take your personal feelings and examine them: the guilt, the selfishness, the betrayal. Do you want to be a mother? To be responsible for raising a child? To give up your carefree ways and settle down? The choices are all yours. Nothing is right or wrong from a spiritual perspective, but you are living in a society that has very strong opinions about the way you should lead your life.

Thinking that naming an unborn group of cells will assuage your guilt is not going to help you. It is a coping skill taught by psychiatrists to take your attention away from what you really need to focus on: Why did this happen in the first place? Stop living in the past and start living in the moment to ensure you will not find yourself in a similar circumstance again.