Using life lessons

QUESTION: Masters, I have a life lesson that I cannot seem to resolve. I seem to keep repeating the same pattern and keep looking for love and acceptance outside of myself. I have a strong friendship with a person who refuses to divulge their feelings to me about our friendship. What is the reason for this and can you tell me where the truth lies and what the lesson of this relationship is. ~Rob, Australia

ANSWER: Love is the answer. Why are you afraid of it? Why do you think that everyone else’s opinion of you is more important than your own? You do not value yourself. You are afraid to take responsibility for your life and decisions. Being taken care of worked fairly well for you as a child, so you are looking for a similar situation. This is fine and dandy if you want to keep repeating the same lessons over and over again—something of which you have become aware.

It is time to take charge. What do you want your life to be like for the next 50 years? Can you accept that you are as good as everyone else? If not, why not? Start with the premise that you are a piece of Source that is all powerful, all knowing, all magnificent. Would such an entity defer to the wishes of others, or would it make its life a wonderful experience?

Your lessons in life center on getting to know who and what you are. You are a piece of Source broken off to have experiences in order to better understand your magnificence. This search does not include a consensus of opinions from the rest of the people in your world with no contribution from yourself. It is not important what others think about you. It is only important what you feel about yourself.

Others see you as very needy. You always want to know what they think and feel, particularly about you. Your intensity causes them to shy away from giving you their opinion for fear you may accept their honest opinion as negative when it is just the way they see life and are trying to get you to lighten up.

Your friend is trying to stay friends with you while backing away from your intensity. Just accept what they are willing to give without having to judge the quantity of their friendship. Step away from your need to always judge. Judgment is grading yourself against the rest of the world. Why do you need to do that? You give credit to everyone to know what’s better for you than you do.

Go with your feelings. If something resonates with you, makes you feel good, don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. Grab on to it and enjoy the positive sensations it affords. Be your own person. Love yourself. You are the only truly important thing in your life.