Trapped by the past

QUESTION: Masters, I feel disconnected from myself, I feel broken. I don’t know who I am. I feel this incredible power lying beneath all this pain and anger but I can’t find my way there, I feel trapped. Men did terrible things to me when I was a child and later in life was incapable of caring for my own children and I can’t let go of that pain. How can I reach my potential while this memory and pain seems to be holding me back? ~Shameema, S. Africa

ANSWER: Forgiveness is the key. Forgive those who helped you learn lessons through pain and betrayal. Forgive yourself for holding on to all this distress for so many years. Forgive yourself for the way you reacted to your children. But most especially forgive yourself for not accepting who you are.

You came to Earth to learn lessons and to discover the magnificent soul you have contained inside. When you are tied up fighting with the daily world, you don’t sense the inner strength that is your true self. Your connection with your soul is trapped in the pain and anger of physical history, what you believe is the truth and what others have convinced you is reality.

To move on you must release the hold your memories want to constantly relive. The past has passed; the future is what you allow to be your world. The secret is to live in the moment—the now. Every emotion that comes from within can then be examined as it arises, and you have the ability to decide whether to keep it as part of your new life or to release it into the garbage pile of the past.

You are not in a permanent situation over which you have no control. Unfortunately, that is what you have convinced yourself is true. Once you release the old beliefs from your description of your life, you start with an empty book into which you, as author, can manifest what you desire. You are a beautiful soul who has the power to rewrite your life.