Who’s in my life?

QUESTION: Masters, my parents tell me I communicated with my grandmother while in my crib. Recently I believe I communicated with my best friend while on a drive. Was this just wishful thinking? If not, why haven’t I been able to tap into these abilities? I’m quite happy in a relationship and think he may be the one, but I’m concerned about my relationship with his mom. Will she ever step aside, give us peace, and stop interfering? Will she try to enforce religion and distort the Truth that I teach the children? I know money and materiality is nothing, but I have a strong desire to travel the world and take care of my family and parents in old age. How do I reconcile the desire to live a nice lifestyle with the understanding that these things are truly meaningless? Will I have the financial capabilities that I imagine and desire for myself and family? ~Jazmine, USA

ANSWER: You have the ability to communicate through the dimensions, but you have certain conditions set in your mind about what that should be like. When you step away from specific expectations, as you did when a baby and when pre-occupied with driving, the vibrations just fly through. In other words, “lighten up” and go with the flow—just start asking questions of your friends on the other side and take their answers as they come, whether verbally, as signs on buildings or trucks, as flashing lights, as noises, etc.

You are a very strong-willed lady but nothing like your boyfriend’s mother, who is controlling and always right. To have peace in this relationship, your boyfriend must agree before you have children that the two of you alone will decide, without any outside intervention, what values the children will be taught. He is aware of his mother’s controlling ways but has found it easier to give in to her than fight. Be sure he is able to change before you get committed.

You are in a physical body so there is a need for material things. The spiritual path just teaches money should not be your god, your only motivator in life. Let go of ego, which is the base energy in judgment that it is imperative you have such and such amount of money. See wealth as a means for learning about yourself and your abilities.

Spiritual people can be rich as long as they are balanced in life. Money is a prerequisite for a number of life lessons. No one ever said that only the poor are aware of their souls and connect with the higher dimensions. Billionaires have that ability if they love themselves and go inward to their essential, unconditionally loving self. The way you use the money and the way you treat those who do not have money are the learning experiences.

One of your lessons right now is dealing with your intellect. You must have the answers to every question before you begin the journey. With the travel you seek, would it be as exciting and fulfilling if you had someone videotape the entire trip you are going to have so you knew what was around each corner? Boring! Let go, let your life happen. Start letting your feelings be your guide instead of knowledge.