QUESTION: Masters, after being all my life an obedient, nice girl fulfilling my duties, I’m finally starting to break out of that pattern and discovering my true self. I feel a strong hatred towards my hometown because of things that happened there (a sick and dysfunctional family, bullying at school, attempted rape). I feel I need to resolve these issues before I can be free. How can I do that? Also, I met this one guy 6 months ago. I keep on thinking about him all over again and I have dreams about him. I don’t think we could have a relationship but I can’t leave him alone. He is so mysterious, who is he? ~Lilja, Finland

ANSWER: Hurrah! You have accepted that you have freedom of choice over the decisions in your life. Next step, remove the shackles that life lessons have affixed. The nice obedient girl, fulfilling her duties, was a definition that was imposed on you, not the result of your life choices.

Empowerment comes from realizing what the lessons were behind the trials. Go into the anger that remains and see what its components are. What did you feel about the attempted rape? Particularly concentrate on your feelings of yourself. You did not ask for the event, nor were you responsible for its happening. Stop asking all those “what if” questions. Release the hold it has by acknowledging that it has given you a better understanding about other people and a greater awareness of activity surrounding you.

Bullying occurs as a lesson when the soul lacks positive self-image, confidence, and worth. This was tied together with your dysfunctional family in which you had no role models to help you form behavior patterns. You saw yourself as weak, damaged, and ineffective. When you send out the energy of a victim, the vultures (bullies) come swarming in. To clear all the hurt and anger around being a victim, see how strong you have become and banish all thoughts about the past actions.

Unless a certain event is still nagging at you, let the past be gone, the future be in formation, and the present be where you reside. You are the one who is holding on to some things to get retribution for the hurt. That desire only holds the negativity to you, and it then affects all actions in your life. Send the negative thoughts away. See everything that happened as a learning tool and turn the energy positive.

The guy you met was part of your soul group destined to appear in your life just as you began the big change. He was an example of what you can have in a relationship if you put the energy into manifestation. That particular soul will probably not be the one, but a clone will appear. You have to release all the negative shackles of past energies to be able to move on. Go for it!