Walk-in commitments

QUESTION: Masters, I am a walk-in and must, with agreement, care for the walk-out’s ailing and elderly mother who has dementia. We do not like one another and consequently I wish she would pass on. I have no help, no money, and I do not believe in karmic reasons. I do not want to rise in AM and I am tired and want to leave. Help me to understand this one aspect of my life that seems to keep me in despair ~Julie, USA

ANSWER: When a soul makes an agreement with a soul who is leaving its Earth body to take over that body, it does so with the history that that physical countenance has compiled during its growth. In other words, when you walk in to a previously occupied body, you inherit its past obligations and actions. The benefit to you as the walk-in is not having to go through birth, early schooling, and learning a profession—you just take over for another who has already done these things.

The walk-out, or departing soul, had planned to leave its body at the time of the exchange and really doesn’t care what happens to the body. It does care about a continuation of things begun or obligations assumed. Had the walk-out’s body died (ceased to function), governmental agencies would have taken responsibility for its mother. Since the body continues to function with you on board, the state assumes you will take care of “your” mother.

She does not like you because she can feel you are not the child she raised. You do not like her because you have no emotional attachment to this woman. This is a lesson for you about greed (wanting an easy fix just walking in), tolerance (living in the now), and reliability or truthfulness (keeping your word to the departed). Start planning your future, accepting the limitations upon this life until she passes on. You had asked to be the “you” of the present; relax and learn from the feelings each step engenders.