Vibrational affects

QUESTION: Masters, I wish to know if the planetary alignment and the photon belt will have an influence on our vibrations. The vibrations that I am feeling and reading are saying that the vibration caused by the alignment is what is elevating our own vibrations, opening our spiritual hearts. As you know I am writing a spiritual book, what are your thoughts on my book explaining this whole connection?  Is there more information coming to me vibrationally? I feel there is more. My intention is to properly transmit the information. ~Kim, Netherlands

ANSWER: As a soul, you are part of all that exists. As a soul choosing to wear a human body, your physical being is impacted by everything physical that is in the same time phase and dimension. This current energy is stronger and clearer than anything for thousands of years. If a soul opens itself to the sensations of the energy, it will be felt throughout the entire body.

Souls come into a physical incarnation with the intention to experience, in physicality, the Source energy of the universe—that of unconditional love—in which all non-incarnate souls dwell. This is called their life’s purpose. Many never get to the point of even starting to feel and understand this state of bliss. Most are too busy intellectually bantering on about ego and judgment. Those who feel instead of thinking about their actions open pathways that help direct their way.

You had previously chosen to explain to your fellow humans what the potentials are of this time on Earth. Because of the intensity of some actions, you are beginning to doubt your intuition, and this is slowing your forward movement. Open up, go into your heart, and feel the best actions and directions for you at any one time. There is definitely more information coming, but you will have trouble receiving it if you don’t have total faith in the process.