Should we just sit back?

QUESTION: Masters, if I have understood your teachings right, and the Earth is specifically created as a realm in which to experience the negative, is there any use for human beings to try to improve conditions here, by dedicating their life, for instance, to removing the suffering of others, since this would appear to be going against the very reason for their and the Earth’s existence in the first place, and would negate their purpose for being here? ~David, UK

ANSWER: There are all different kinds of lessons that a soul may choose to experience on Earth. Yes, Earth is the only planet that has a dual energy setup, with both negative and positive conditions. Our lessons appear as negative energies and it is for the soul to determine how to deal with those situations and make them into positive experiences to learn about themselves and their issues—if they can.

Taking your question, it would seem, for example, to imply that even a soul who chooses to be a doctor is interfering with the patient’s life lessons. But life is much more complicated than that. The doctor cannot go out and drag in patients off the street and force them to receive medical treatment. All healing has to do not only with the actions of the healer, but with the intentions of the patient as well. If people do not want to be healed they will find a way to remain out of balance or at dis-ease with their body. Part of their lesson may be to acknowledge that they need the help of another. So, if people realize why they are suffering from a condition, they can go and seek out a healer who can assist in remedying the state.

In another example, good Samaritans might go to countries and help bring clean water to the people. After they leave, the inhabitants must maintain the water system; their lesson may be to take care of themselves.

Only in a situation where people are trying to force their beliefs and lifestyle on others can there be a case of interference. But don’t forget freedom of choice—the recipients can always ignore the offered help. In a case where souls may be diverted away from their lesson by the assistance of others, they will have the ability to try again to learn the lesson in that same lifetime or another.