Who should I listen to?

QUESTION: Masters, my world is going upside down at the moment. Should I listen to my inner self and do what many think is wrong? Or should I do what is appropriate? My inner voice is blocked by something or someone. Why is it this way? Have I made up my mind correctly—even if I will hurt many people whom I care about? I´m lost! ~Niina, Finland

ANSWER: The question to ask yourself is whom do you want to be responsible for your life and the way you live it? If the answer is anybody but you, and that “they” know what is right for you better than you could possibly know, then you will listen to all those “other” people. If you are concerned with living your own life, following your own life lessons, then only your inner self can provide the answers for you.

Your inner voice may seem difficult to hear because you have your ears trained on all the people around you, and it is almost impossible to filter out their voices to be able to hear your own. You were raised to listen to parents, teachers, and authority figures; then you began soliciting help from friends, resulting in a pattern of living your life by committee. To advance along your path you must step up and assume total responsibility for your decisions.

It is a fact of the universe that people can be hurt only if they allow themselves to be hurt. Your friends will only be hurt if they have expectations based upon what they want you to do. That’s their problem, not yours. You are not responsible for their unreasonable desires. Your life is your responsibility; their disappointments are theirs alone.

Your friends are going to react, whatever you do. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision, based upon your internal senses only. If anyone complains about your choices, explain that is exactly what they are—your choices, and you have done what you feel is best for you. No one can argue with your feelings because they cannot get inside your body and feel what you feel.