Death, Hell, and God

QUESTION: Masters, many spiritual people talk about the place we go when we die as a sort of spiritual “refuel and refresh” stop before moving on to our next lives. I’d like to ask if in fact there is a hell and, most importantly, whether a single, omnipotent “God” entity exists. ~Zoe, Malaysia

ANSWER: Your questions show a state of confusion as the first two are contradictory. By religious definition hell is definitely not a place for rest and relaxation. But is there a place called hell? No. Is the description of hell synonymous with a condition wherein a soul feels tormented and inconsolable? Absolutely! And where such a place exists is none other than the planet under your feet.

Earth is a place of duality, where everything has a polar opposite. For every fantastically marvelous feeling there is an equally strong negative feeling of devastation and suffering. Once the soul leaves its body here (or, in other words, dies), it leaves this negative space and enters a place of unconditional love where no negativity exists. A soul may experience what has been referred to as hell while living on Earth, but once it leaves Earth it has a place (that some call “heaven”)  where judgment does not exist and where everything is unconditional love.

The term “God” has become associated with the image of a man dressed all in white with long hair and a beard who is the arbiter of judgment for all souls. Judgment can only exist in a place where there is right and wrong or positive and negative. Since those conditions only exist on planet Earth, a god could only exist there.

Is there a single divine entity? No. Is there a force in the universe that is omnipotent? Yes. This is the universal energy that encompasses all that is. You and all individual souls broke off from this energy, remain a part of it, commune with it, and re-unite with it when desired. This can occur at any time the soul is not contained in a body shell.