Knowing your truth

QUESTION: Masters, I find these times quite confusing and depressing as it seems hard to find and feel that you are being told the truth. Many claim to tell the truth and to possess an authority to deliver the truth. My question is simple: is there life after death, and if so, am I where I should be and achieving what I should be doing at this time?               ~Stephen, UK

ANSWER: We would like first to comment on what is the “truth”. The truth varies with the individual and may change from time to time even within each person. The truth is a combination of what you see, hear, feel, need, and accept. Initially, you are set up for your truth by parents, teachers, and all whom you see as authority figures. They provide the truths, or belief systems, by which you lead your life. Then, when you finally realize you have total freedom of choice as to what you accept into your life, you choose your own truth independent of outside influence.

To reach your truth and to feel comfortable with it you should take all of the information which feels right to you, spend some time with it, and then adopt that which completely resonates with you. Do not feel bad if, at some point in the future, the truth you have accepted suddenly no longer serves you. Thank the energies and send them on their way, while you find a concept that now resonates within you.

The universal truth is that the soul never ceases its existence. It is immortal and chooses to have varied experiences which it accomplishes by coming to Earth in a number of scenarios. Within each life it encases itself in a physical form which allows it to interact with other souls similarly attired. When the soul finishes a particular experience it returns Home to its completely energetic state to plan for its next adventure in physicality and learning.

Each one of these roles begins with a birth and ends with a death, but these only affect the body that has been adopted, not the soul itself. When you are engaged in one of these lives, you are always exactly where you have chosen to be when you are there. As long as the soul is aware of its surroundings, and not running away from them, it is achieving the knowledge it incarnated to experience.