Gathering of energies

QUESTION: Masters, when I was 3 or 4 years old, I started to speak to the spirits who were around me. My parents were so freaked out about what they called my increasingly darkening character they had someone block me from contacting the spirit world. Is the negative energy that I could not handle when I was young the reason why I am so bitter and judgmental? Or is it because I feel very strongly and am sensitive to energies? Or because I have a very old soul or perhaps even an angel soul and can’t stand the way people choose to live when they’re here? I feel very strongly that I came here to experience life again to enjoy things. Is this the case?      ~Delano, Netherlands

ANSWER: You first began to talk to friends on the Other Side as a child. Their energy drew negative discarnate energies into the conversation. You were unable to distinguish between the two types of energy. It was more fun to interact with the more apparently physical souls who, in your case, were the negative forces that remained behind, developing your darkening character. Your parents, out of their concern, had these negative energies blocked from influencing you. However, this has no direct connection with your current daily issues.

Bitterness, negative judgment, intolerance—none of these is an attribute of an old soul. A pure soul watches the foibles of the physical world, learns from them, and does not have a visceral reaction to the dark energies. You, like all incarnate beings, came to Earth to experience life in all its possibilities. These include learning what is in balance and what needs to be balanced—but only within yourself.

One of your major lessons in this lifetime is to learn about third-dimensional energies and their appearance of seeming to be in the higher dimensions. Duality, your own negative and positive, exists only within the third dimension. To raise your vibration out of conflict you need to be able to see situations as things to evaluate and not to judge. You can only make decisions for yourself. You cannot influence the actions of others. It takes time away from your journey to be concerned about the lives of others. Go inside and see why you are feeling these strong emotions. They are signposts of lessons you have not completed.