Healing self

QUESTION: Masters I would like to ask you about nurturing love of Self and self-worth- how? How can I do this? I work on myself and seek to uncover and heal entrenched belief patterns of shame and guilt. Often as soon as I clear an experience, I feel empty- missing something familiar – and I feel like I sabotage myself then by starting the old negative patterns all over again. Masters can you please give me some signposts out of the old patterns. ~Cath, Australia

ANSWER: You have done good work on going through some of your lessons, but after you rid yourself of the unproductive ones, you have left the area they filled empty. That makes it feel like they should come back – and they often do. What you need to do is start filling those voids with unconditional love for all the work you had to do to accomplish banning the patterns from bothering you.

Pulling in the unconditional love of the universe is a way of loving yourself for all the work you have done. You are giving yourself a pat on the back for getting rid of unneeded lessons. It is easy to accomplish. Say you have just banished a sense of guilt over a decision previously made: you see it no longer serves you, and…poof!…it’s gone. But there is that spot it occupied. Quietly meditate on positive loving energy, congratulating yourself on the good work – the love flows in and takes up the space.

Examine each and every belief that controls your behavior. Anything that generates doubts or fears should be addressed and examined to find out why it is there. You can replace those negative beliefs with a love of self, and this will open you to connect with your higher self and thrive.

You choose what your reality looks like by the beliefs you allow to remain and control your actions. Change any that run counter to the things that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to have a continual rotation of beliefs so that you learn all you came here for. Remember, you are in charge.