Seeing past the physical realm

QUESTION: Masters for those of us who are unable to visualize (Aphantasia), will opening the third eye change our inability to see past the physical realm? ~Randi, USA

ANSWER: Aphantasia, the inability to visualize at will, is an affliction of the physical realm only. The belief of the person with this condition that it prevents them from connecting to the nonphysical realm is all in their third-dimensional mind. If you only allow yourself to “think” in terms of your experiences within the physical world, you cannot reach outside of flesh-and-blood events and what has been “seen” by your eyes to what can become a “knowing” of the existence and presence of that which you desire to “see.”

Those who live with this limitation have chosen it as a life lesson to require them to work in other ways to develop something with which they feel comfortable. This occurs by employing a more extensive use of the remaining physical senses. Just as a blind person who has never seen their own children knows, without a doubt, who they are and when they are present, a knowing can build between a person and their nonphysical surrounding.

There is a fairly new study being conducted within the psychological community concerning those who cannot produce pictures in their heads. There have been exercises developed to help a person enhance their “memory” powers. This has not worked for all subjects but depends on the extent of the lesson that was programmed into the lifetime.

Within spirituality, the seeing or knowing that other souls are present must be elevated above the physical restraints of everyday human living. Developing dialogues with your guides will open an exchange of energy that may spread to something akin to visualizing their presence. Using affirmations can become a foundation for a “knowing” of what you seek.

Opening one’s third eye helps with the transference of energy from one dimension to another, but it cannot add a layer of visualizing to the physical dimension unless it is intended to do so.

You can also experiment using your sense of smell to detect something that you cannot see but can grow to know is there. What does it smell like to cut an onion or a lemon? What effects can each have upon your tear ducts and your hands? Be inventive to enjoy and enrich your physical experience.

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