Growing apart

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been married for 40 years. Though we’ve been through lots of critical moments, I considered we’ve helped each other to grow individually, and as parents. Nowadays we seem to have no affective connection, no affinity, no mutual interest except when it refers to our daughters or to material issues. My current objective in life is my spiritual growth, while he despises this matter. On the other hand, he has a good heart. Help me to understand what I can learn from this and how I deal with the needs of both, without disrespecting one another as usually happens? ~Sue, Brazil

ANSWER: When you were a child you shared interests with school chums. As you grew older some of them turned to science, some music, some business, and some raising a family. Were you to meet up with them at this time, you would find very few shared interests and little to talk about.

You and your husband have each had different contacts and experiences during the last 40 years. Each experience has changed your initial common connection and driven you in separate directions away from a shared interest. As you have stated, your current primary considerations couldn’t be further apart from each other. This is the way of souls having human experiences.

No two souls follow the same path. The journey is a solo affair for every soul who exercises freedom of choice to learn the lessons chosen before incarnating. Even though you joined together for part of the journey, self-interests have steered you away from each other.

No one can force another individual to come to their way of thinking unless that person is willing. Your choice now is to try to maintain a partnership where you both have the same destination or to honor yourself and go your own way. This is not being disrespectful unless you try to force-feed each other the principles you have adopted.

He is not going to come into spirituality, so you have to decide to remain and move forward or go back and join his beliefs. You can live harmoniously as long as you only talk about your daughters and household affairs.