Conspiracy theories

QUESTION: Masters. I realize that Superhero movies are making a lot of success these days. Bringing this idea of ​​“saviors”. There is also a lot of extraterrestrial invasion in these films. Can this be related to the Blue Beam project? Could this occult government actually be preparing a possible “war or invasion” through holography to cause fear and panic so they would offer a “solution” controlling us even more? Is this a conspiracy theory, or is it grounded? For I have studied and perceived that our history, principally as told by Christianity in the bible, may have been a great holography, a copy of ancient mythological stories of ancient gods. Could you talk about it? ~Sergio, BRASIL

ANSWER: Movies are created as a form of entertainment, to make people feel good about something and to be able to visualize themselves as the hero of the film. With the instantaneous and constant communication abilities on the planet it is dangerous to vilify an actual nation or people, so the media has intensified its usage of aliens as the enemy.

Project Blue Beam was an invention from the fertile minds of two individuals who employed conspiracy theories to placate their own paranoia and to make them money through book and other sales based on the fears of a portion of the populace. It does not exist as a solid thing but remains active in the realities of those who want to believe it.

Souls are composed of energy and energy is everything. Nothing becomes solidified unless it is accepted in that state by someone within the duality of an Earthly existence. There is no negativity – therefore no evil, conspiring creatures – outside the workings of those on planet Earth.

It is possible to create anything one wishes if their belief is that powerful. Some people believe in the “wizarding world of Harry Potter” with all its magic and non- human creatures – whether they have seen it with their own eyes or not. They will contend that the muggles just don’t get it because they have not experienced anything magical.

Organized religious doctrines and beliefs can be based on imagination as well as documented facts. Novels are written daily about non-existent facts, abilities, and worlds whether based on actual or on fabricated instances – just because they can be.

There is no group of individuals on Earth who have banded together, through the use of holography, or any other means, to control the entire world. There are no conspiracies existent on a global scale.

But if you wish to follow and accept these conspiracy theories, for some reason, you have the freedom of choice to do just that and hold on to all those fears they engender.