Do Earth experiences affect the soul?

QUESTION: Masters from what I have read we leave part of our soul at home while on earth, can our soul at home be affected in any way by our experiences or interaction with spirited and haunted items, tarot, magic etc. while on earth. ~Pat, UK

ANSWER: Souls at home are in unconditional love energy and unaffected by anything negative. They can still recall the contacts they had while in the duality, but it does not affect them at Home. It is like when you were touring at a beautiful place and it started raining and you got soaked: when you remember that incident you do not again become wet.

The physical body that contains the adventuring soul having their human experience can be affected by any deleterious thing within their environment. Most of the time the appearance of such an incident occurs as a test coming from a chosen life lesson.

Since the purpose of coming to Earth is to learn what negativity is all about and to be able to use your freedom of choice to take you in another direction, the more negative events, the more the soul is able to learn. Nothing negative is taken by the soul back into Source energy.

Experiencing the magic, the discarnates, and the evil energies is only possible on Earth. Whether or not you complete the tasks necessary to totally understand each “attack” or incident does not affect you as an eternal soul. You get the idea of what is involved and then can decide whether to go back and confront it again, watch as someone else battles the negativity, or just decide you don’t really want to go further with that element of humanhood.

The soul makes all the choices before, during, and after they encounter a particular lesson. There are no requirements that they go any deeper into a lesson than they choose. So rest assured, all the decisions are yours – nothing is decided by anyone else, nor is anything predestined.