Multiple twin flames

QUESTION: Masters, can we have more than one twin flame encounter in a single incarnation? Many of the so-called you-tube channels on the internet are now expressing the possibility, and personally claiming to have knowledge of more than one aspect of the same soul, although very rare. This can be extremely disturbing and confusing for those listening. Can you explain as to whether “Multiple Twin Flame” experiences really do exist, and to please help clarify for those seeking the divine truth? ~Jilian, USA

ANSWER: Each soul has one and only one twin soul or twin flame. They were broken off from Source as a whole and then split in half to form two individual souls. They are identical in all things until they start having their own duality experiences. When both incarnate at the same time, all they want to do is share with each other and cut all other souls sharing the lifetime with them, including family and friends, out from that existence.

It is rare for twin flames to share a lifetime because their original reason for coming, to learn their chosen life lessons, is placed on hold and nothing gets done. Each soul has 144 other souls within their soul group who frequently share lifetimes together so that they may assist each other with their work. Many people construe a soul group member to be a twin flame because their connection may be very intense and even volatile.

It is even possible for a soul studying romantic love to have set it up to meet a series of soul group members in order to examine various types of love and relationships. When sharing with a soul group member, their energies are so similar, since they came into existence near each other, that they appear to almost be a twin flame.

Anyone on Earth can say anything they wish without needing a grain of truth or validity to their words. You are living in a duality where a tool is being able to judge what you want to believe. When you step away from that ego judgment, you use your feelings to evaluate if what you are hearing is something that resonates with you and that you desire to make a part of your belief system. You have freedom of choice; discern what you wish to be a part of your reality and then move forward.

Honor yourself. Make your own decisions, don’t let anyone else tell you what you feel or believe. Make your own choices.