Why constant retests?

QUESTION: Masters, suddenly after a spiritual phase why am I so restless and tempted to follow egoic reactions like frustration, anger etc.? Am I not supposed to be spiritual inclining after understanding the source and its purpose of creating us instead of declining in the spiritual ladder? ~Rimi, India

ANSWER: Retracing some of your prior lessons to make sure they have led to increased knowledge of life does not mean you have skidded down to your starting point again. If you block out the understanding you have obtained, then you may return to ignorance and the beginning of your journey. But if you enter into a “relapse” with the retained knowledge of how you got through it before, you have not declined but are being retested to make sure you really have learned and understood the lesson involved.

All human life is being conducted in a judgmental, egoic atmosphere, so that is the starting point for everything human. The basic negativities of hate, control, revenge, frustration, and anger are all around you. When you complete a lesson you have been working on, you free up space around you since you have chosen what path to follow and all the other possibilities you explored no longer need to be considered.

The completion of a lesson is a step toward the awareness of who you are as a soul and takes you away from negativity and toward an existence of unconditional loving energy. But, what it also does is allow you to be re-exposed to the basic energies surrounding you on the planet – those of the duality.

This is a test. Did you truly learn to move away from the negativity? If you did, all that is needed is to remove yourself once again. If you didn’t, you will have to work through those choices once more. This is not a decline because you still possess the knowledge you gained in the first encounter.