Does learning change your future?

QUESTION: Masters, if, in a lifetime, a person understands that they are on a spiritual journey, have had many lives and previous experiences and accepts they are a piece of Source, will they still have this awareness in their next reincarnation? Once this level of understanding is reached, does it prevent the soul from choosing certain life lessons I.e. to be evil? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: The answer to all your questions is a resounding NO! All this knowledge is known to the soul whenever they are not in a human form, and yet, they still have freedom of choice to choose to examine any type of incarnation they want.

The primary reason that souls incarnate is to learn what is the opposite of perfection and to exercise their learning abilities concerning the specific lessons they wish to understand. What they learn in each life is added to their compilation of knowledge and wisdom but is not openly accessible in each subsequent human life unless they intend for it to be so.

When planning for a particular lifetime, the soul decides exactly what they want to explore – this may be something totally new to them or the continuation of something they have dealt with in the past. There is no hierarchy of experiences – for example, dealing with a complicated examination of love is not more important than finding out what hatred feels like in the flesh.

After completing whatever lessons a soul incarnates with the intention to accomplish, the next phase is remembering who they are as a soul and seeing how they can use those powers and abilities to understand even more of the human experience. This may bring back what was done in prior lives or it may lead to a re-discovery of their essence for the purpose of reinforcing and integrating that wisdom more fully into their physical body.

The epitome of the whole human journey is the realization of the wonder of freedom of choice, first learning that it is the controlling facet of humanity, and second discovering what those choices entail. Many souls having their human experience never reach the realization that they have freedom of choice. The spiritual understanding gives you a leg up on the journey.