What about the negativity in my illusion?

QUESTION: Masters why does duality only exist on Earth, since the Source was divided into two energies (masculine and feminine) in the creation of the souls of the whole universe? Why does negativity exist only on Earth, since there have been galactic wars to control planets? Why do you say that there are no negative beings – in the physical and the astral – wanting to control the Earth, since there are many positive beings – in the physical and the astral – helping in the planetary release of these controllers? ~Daniel, Brazil

ANSWER: Source is an amorphous (without form) expanse of energy. Source is just that – the source of everything. It was never divided into two sexes, or two or more races, or two states such as physical and nonphysical; it remains formless energy. It broke pieces of itself off so that those pieces might investigate the opposite of its perfection by entering into the Earth plane, which was created as a duality to allow for the opposite of every type of person, action, emotion, and characteristic to be present and experienced.

These pieces, which we call souls, are non-sexual, being neither male nor female, nor physical while at Home. To display masculine or feminine bodies, or traits, souls must make the decision to become physical and adopt a body for a particular lifetime. They experience both sexes during various lifetimes so that they may have varying ways to understand the difficulties encountered by each sex.

Since energy has no form, souls use their intention to provide an illusory reality that they perceive as physically solid truth while having a human experience. The perception is somewhat regulated by the belief systems they are using to control their existence. Do they believe they are alone? Do they suppose that there are other planets, races, and conflicts existing in places they have neither seen nor visited, but have merely accepted as a part of their reality?

The creation of one’s reality mirrors the physical life being lived. Is it mostly a positive, loving experience, or is it fraught with negativity, fighting, control dramas, and a “dog-eat-dog” mentality? Negativity is the default setting for humans. After all, they come to Earth, the only place it exists, to experience it! Great force is exerted by the societal judgmental ego to accept as much negativity – in the form of anger, conflict, control, and repression – as possible.

How do you wish to shape your reality? Remember, this life is a journey of your soul. It is not dependent upon any other’s existence for you to learn what you came here for. Don’t let the theories, fears, and anxieties of anyone else influence your life. Create your own illusion, containing only what you need to fulfill your desires.