Message and inspiration from above

QUESTION: Masters I am an artist and I love the feeling that wells up from within when I’m drawing or painting something. The most interesting and unusual images emerge when I draw with nothing in mind. It’s as if the drawing is creating itself. There are a lot of eyes and spirals in my work. Where does this come from? Is part of my life’s purpose to develop my artistic side, or am I like a channel for creativity…from where? God? Spirits? ~Kathleen, Canada

ANSWER: The part of your soul that is your physical appearance here in this lifetime is but a grain of sand expressing your existence as a soul. You have lived many lifetimes, had many experiences, gained a magnitude of wisdom, and cataloged all of it in your Akashic records. Your unconscious has access to all that knowledge.

Whenever you engage in anything that expresses who you are, without a definite directive plan in mind, your unconscious starts to respond to the situation. You are connecting to past experiences and friendships that meant a lot to the learning practices in which you interacted.

Your work is being created as a collaboration of your remembrances and the energy of soul mates and friends who want to show support. The eyes are the physical expression of the souls’ human lives, and the spirals the trail of the nonphysical energies.

Your intention, whether conscious or unconscious, chooses the participants in each work. The results are a combination of channeling, cooperation, and interpretation of you and those on the Other Side.

You have always used non-verbal communication to deliver messages when in a physical state, mostly through various forms of art. It is one way in which you have defined human existence and its corollary spiritual phase. No matter how your life begins, you always find yourself right back to bringing messages forward.