Earth’s polar shift

QUESTION: Masters, I am grateful for the interaction with you, always very enriching! I have read about the change of polarity on Earth and its effects on earthly lives, especially on animals, with events scheduled for April 2018 and in the near future. I would like to know the opinion of the Masters about these changes on the planet, and so Brazil may be suffering this influence in the face of the current critical situation: violence, hatred, corruption, etc. ~Duda, Brazil

ANSWER: There have been a number of polar shifts since man inhabited this planet. Instead of the recognizable, to you, magnetic poles being North and South, they shift to East and West or around what is now considered to be the center of the Earth, or equator. During this rotational process, all electrical impulses, which are modulated by magnetic electrical currents on the surface of the planet, cease to exist until they can be reset in their new position.

In the past, this shifting process has taken from 3 to 3 ½ days as time is measured now. Humans and all animal life on the planet operate with electric flashes between brain, muscles, and organ systems. With the cessation of electricity, brains and body systems cannot function and stop working. The body therefore dies, since the electricity needed to regular heart beats isn’t present. This is a purely biological process. It will affect the entire planet if it occurs.

The good news is that the shift that was happening is reversing itself because of the energy sent to heal the Earth by spiritual groups. Also, this shifting is stimulated by negativity on the planet, and since so much negativity is tied up with conflicts between and within countries, the shifting has backed off.

Brazil, Syria, Korea – all these are holding off a polar shift by dealing with the massive amounts of negativity required for their struggles. There is an equal balance of negative and positive energies on the surface, and when so much negativity is involved with discord, the positive is easier to use to balance the physical electrical and magnetic energies.